Thursday, 21 August 2014

History Making News: Uppity Historians, Heritage Blown, and Dirty Dancing

Historians Against the War

This week, I'd like to round up some cool stories for you where history or historical studies are getting some press.

First, some shit disturbing historians. Historians Against the War are a group started in 2003 at the American Historical Association meeting, as a way for historians to protest against American involvement in Iraq. They are against any American involvement in war. Right now, they are coming out against the ongoing attacks on civilians in Gaza and in Israel. They've created a petition to the president online, and so far have 200 signatures. They fully understand the US's role to play in this:
We also recognize the disproportionate harm that the Israeli military, which the United States has armed and supported for decades, is inflicting on the population of Gaza.We are profoundly disturbed that Israeli forces are killing and wounding so many Palestinian children...we call upon you to demand a cease-fire, the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza, and a permanent end to the blockade so that its people can resume some semblance of normal life. We urge you to suspend US military aid to Israel, until there is assurance that this aid will no longer be used for the commission of war crimes.
This is a very controversial take on the US support of Israel, and as usual, no one in the media except History News Network will even report on this.

Hatra temples
Your days are numbered, evil UNESCO world heritage site! Hatra temple next on ISIS hit list?

For my second story, let's stay with the dark side of humanity, shall we? ISIS is not just satisfied with killing Christians in Iraq and Syria, because they are insane as hell. No, they want to blow up cultural and historical sites as well, because they know that once you destroy people's culture and history, you destroy their knowledge and spirit, and can bend them to your will.

Islamist militants’ attacks on cultural and historical treasures in Mosul — including a revered tomb of Joshua, has outraged many Muslim residents and stirred what appears to be the first spark of rebellion against the extremists’ harsh rule. ISIS apparently has also been planning the destruction of Christian monuments and relics as well, but so far have only wrecked a statue of the Holy Mary. But archaeologists think that the many Hatra temples in the area controlled by ISIS are next to get the burn and blow up treatment. See what happens when you create a power vacuum guys? Assholes like ISIS show up.And clearly their neighbours like Iran and Turkey could give a crap and help them out. So much for Arab unity.
This is way hotter in Spanish.
Finally, how about something at least to make you smile.This week in 1987 we had the time of our lives. The movie Dirty Dancing opened August 21st. Because it's 25 years old, HuffPost did a five things you don't know bit about it. Pretty cool, since I forgot Dirty Dancing was written and co-produced by a woman. Eleanor Bergstein, based the film loosely on memories of her own life, including the dirty dancing part. Now 70, is busy mounting the stage version of the movie all over the world. But she confessed to the Telegraph that:
"We thought it was one of those movies that would go into the [movie] theatres for a few days and then straight to video, so we made it on a shoestring," she says. "We expected mockery, failure and disaster."

Her failure made an estimated $213 million, and still is a popular film with old folks like me, and the kids.Loved Patrick Swayze: RIP you fabulous man.

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