Sunday, 9 February 2014

There's more to the project as well. Kevin has hosted talks and historical walks as well. In January of 2014 he and Third Street Theatre organized a Cabaret to celebrate Club Carousel - the first formal gay social club in Calgary. It was sold out! The patch above was the Club's emblem.

The Other Blog In My Life

Calgary's Gay History Project is the other blog and history project in my life right now. Spearheaded by Kevin Allen, myself and Dale are his co-researchers. How did I get involved? I saw Kevin present at the library about a year ago and was hooked. I'm always for the local underdog history projects.

Calgary's GLBTQ history is short compared to some cities like San Fransisco but it is there. Since the 1950s the city’s gay community has existed as a underground culture. There has been little academic work done on the growth of this community which has spurned Kevin on. We're curious about what life was like for gay people in Calgary in the middle of the last century to the modern era. Though oral history interviews, primary source documents such as newspapers and magazines, we hope to record and present the stories of queer/gay seniors before they are gone.

The main office for the project is the Old Y Centre for Community Organizations. Please talk with us if you have a story to share!
Kevin Allen
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