Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Quick Note On Your Old Beaver...

The legendary Canadian periodical The Beaver had a name and focus change a while back now - it's now Canada's History. I like them simply because they have the controversial mandate of:

"History is happening right now at Canada's History, where our mission is to make the discovery of our nation's past relevant, engaging, empowering and accessible to all Canadians."

HAH! Their mission to make history accessible flies in the face of our current government in Canada's need to control how we think and access our own history. Such calm civil disobedience!

Because I am a cheap human, I read copies at my library or articles online.I prefer the online edition because:

-  Links to free webinars on teaching history 

- A great education page or how to teach history and resources

- Destinations that are historical and a a good vacation idea

- Current topics such as the 100 anniversary of the Great War


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